6 Essential Tips to Control Your Acne

I have suffered from acne ever since I was 13 and I first hand know how it completely destroys your self-esteem. Everywhere I went, that's the only thing people noticed about me. Don't eat oily food, don't touch your face, eat less meat, use alcohol, put sperm on your face and the list can go on and on. My acne went away when I was 21 and I still have some spots left. I have learned some Do's & Dont's and skincare tips that may help you control your acne and not worsen it further. Remember these tips are NOT A CURE!.

1. Use a gentle cleanser.
For acne, people always recommend harsh chemical cleansers or oil stripping face washes which can only worsen and irritate your skin. It did for me. Your face will already be sensitive so harsh substances are not to be used. Instead, opt for a gentle but effective cleanser like Cetaphil. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or preferably natural ingredients like neem. If it makes your skin too dry, discontinue the use.

2. Do not over wash your face:
People always relate acne to germs or dirt so they think that the best way is to wash your face as much as possible to wash away the grime. This is wrong. Over-washing will only strip your skin of essential moisture and worsen your condition. Use lukewarm water to wash your face NOT HOT WATER. There is a difference. Use your elbows to check the water, it should neither be too hot nor too cold. Your face is not a utensil to clean with hot water. You might as well scrub your face with steel wool if you are using hot water. I will recommend you to wash your face not more than two times. Once when you wake up and once before you sleep.

3. Spot Treatments.
You must be familiar with spot treatments. But what most people get wrong is putting the spot treat all over their face. It is called a 'spot' treatment for a reason. You are supposed to use it on the raised pimple and not rub it all over your face. It is not supposed to be used as a moisturizer. Various spot gels and ointments are there like adapalene, clindamycin, and nicotinamide gels. Personally, I prefer adapalene gels, they dry up faster and seem to work quicker.

4. Don't try Home Remedies:
Put turmeric powder, aloe vera gel etc you must have heard it. Honestly, they just don't work. Acne is not just on the surface of your skin but exists on the inside.It is a complex condition. Besides, ravishing your face with vegetables like potato and tomato might worsen your skin. So spare the vegetables and leave them in the kitchen. Another popular home remedy is lemon or lime which i completely FORBID you from using. They are highly acidic and can be very irritating. Don't experiment on your face for Acne.

5. Always use sunscreen.
Sunscreen is always essential no matter your skin condition. Gentle basking in the sun for 30 mins is recommended to give your skin the dose of vitamin D. However if you are going out always wear a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Look for matte, gel, and non-greasy sunscreens and sunblocks. I have been using the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunblock SPF 50 since it came out in the market. Find one that suits you.

6. Go to a Dermatologist.
This is the most important. For almost three years I tried so many otc products and home remedies and it just made my acne worse. Acne is a complex problem and each person's cause of acne varies. Most of the time it can be hormonal or stress but it can also be diet. So search for the best dermatologist in your area and seek their help. it might be costly but it's better to spend some money and get clear skin than trying products and home remedies and completely ruining your skin.

I hope you glow <3
Candid Skincare

I suffered from acne for a long time and that's how I got interested in skincare. I believe that skincare is essential and doesn't have to be expensive. Through this blog, I want to present to you skincare tips and affordable products that actually work.

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