Top 3 Natural Skin Lighteners You Can Find In Your Home

Hello to the two people that read this blog (lol), it has been a hella long time, was caught up with work and stuff but here is my second post and its all about stuff you can find in your kitchen cabinet to safely lighten your skin. 

First off, if you want to lighten your skin by several shades or just bleach off your natural skin color, then I suggest you stop reading. That will require you to actually destroy the melanin in your skin which can be dangerous and can only be achieved through invasive medications or treatments.

 But if your skin has been damaged by years of sun exposure or pollution and you want to gain back your natural skin color through safe and affordable ingredients, then keep on reading. 

1. Lemon

Topping the list is the infamous lemon. This is the most effective natural ingredient you can find to lighten your skin but it is also the harshest. I have personally used it numerous times when I got a bad tan from a trip or forgot to use sunscreen for several days when I went out, and the results were quite noticeable.

How does it lighten?

Lemons are equipped with vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant and skin lightener. Heck, it can even lighten your hair. Not just lemon, but all citrus food contains vitamin C. But lemon is the most powerful and is also easily available. But don't expect a huge change overnight, it can take at least one month to see noticeable changes but it will surely work if you are patient enough.

How Do I Use It?
First of all, ensure that your skin is cleaned and wait for around 10 minutes before you apply. The easiest method is to simply cut the lemon in half and rub it all over your face for around 5 minutes avoiding the eyes, lips and especially open wounds, cuts or any other skin condition.

The second and I believe the most effective method is to squeeze out the lemon juice in a cup or bowl, and use a cotton pad to apply it all over your face, neck and affected area. Leave the solution for an hour and then wash it off efficiently.

Lemon can be quite aggressive and sting a lot for some people. If you have sensitive skin you can mix the lemon juice with water to dilute it and make it less aggressive. However, doing so will reduce its potency. You can apply two times a day preferably once in the morning and before you retire to bed.

When using lemon, ALWAYS USE A SUNSCREEN as your skin will become more sensitive and if you don't take adequate care, it can become even more tanned and reddish. Additionally, use a moisturizer after you wash your face as it can become raw and dry.

2. Tomato

This is also an effective skin lightener and way less aggressive than lemons. However, I have noticed that it does take quite a long time to see results.

How Does It Lighten Skin?

Tomatoes possess natural lightening and bleaching properties and have abundant vitamin c and anti-oxidant properties. They do not sting like lemons and are an excellent choice for sensitive skin. They also contain lycopene which is clinically proven to lighten pigmentation.

How Do I Use It?

Rubbing tomato on your face is not an ideal or effective method. The best way is to make a paste out of the tomato and apply it on your face like a pack. I personally love making a paste with tomato and turmeric powder for extra effectiveness. Before applying, wash your face and apply the pack. let it sit for an hour, then wash it off and follow up with a moisturizer preferably with skin lightening ingredients. 

You can also mix the paste with apple cider vinegar for additional benefits but it might sting for sensitive skin 

What I love about tomato is that not only is it an excellent skin lightener, but it is also generally safe and you can mix it with numerous other ingredients like turmeric powder, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, etc. for increased effectiveness.

However, results will vary based on your skin type. I personally noticed that it takes a longer time than lemons. But I think a month is a safe bet to see results. And as always, use a sunscreen whenever you go out.

3. Potato

And the last but not least on my list is the potato. I know its quite unexpected but I actually saw a beautician in a television show applying potato on a bride-to-be's face and effectively brightening it so I researched on my own and tried it, and it actually does work. It is definitely very safe and works on even very sensitive skin.

How Does It Lighten Skin?

The potato actually contains catecholase which is a natural skin lightener and has bleaching properties. It is not so popular with home beauty remedy lovers, but it is equally effective particularly for sensitive skin.

How Do I Use It?

The tricky part is squeezing the juice out of the potato which can be quite difficult. I would recommend you to smash the potato or use a mixer grinder to squeeze out the juice, and then apply it on your face using a cotton pad. It is quite mild, so expect realistic results. Every skin type is different, so if the above two doesn't work then give this a try.

Always use a sunscreen, wash your face at least two times a day, and use a skin lightening moisturizer along with it. Stay away from harsh chemical like glycolic acid if you are using lemon juice, and don't be too harsh on your skin. less is more, especially when it comes to skincare.

The above ingredients are not only cost-effective but can also produce results. You just have to be patient, and not expect overnight miracles. If you have severe pigmentation or tanning, then you should consult a dermatologist. The above-mentioned methods will not be effective in serious cases.

Warning* Every skin type varies, and these methods are based on my experiences. Consult your dermatologist if you have any concerns and carry out a patch test first. I am not responsible if you have any adverse reactions. 

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