My Honest Selfless By Hyram Retinol and Algae Repair Serum Review

Skincare by Hyram is one of the most trending topics in the skincare industry. If you're not much into the YouTube realm of beauty/skincare, Hyram Yarbo is a self-proclaimed 'skincare specialist' with millions of followers. Recently Hyram skincare line of products known as ‘Selfless By Hyram’ was launched with a long list of products. Today, I bring you my honest review of the skincare by Hyram Retinol and Algae Repair Serum. Is it worth it? Keep on reading.

Product Highlights:

·       Contains 0.2% retinol

·       Contains 30 ml of product

·       Suitable for normal, combination, and dry skin

·       Targets acne/blemishes, redness, and dark spots


Starting on a positive note, I do love the clean and minimalistic packaging. As soon as you open the packaging, the insides tell you about the product and offer information about recycling and the sustainability projects Hyram is working on. All skincare by Hyram products comes in blue/green packaging, which goes pretty well with the aesthetics that the influencer aims for.  The product comes in a green tube, and the design is pretty basic; it can be a complete hit or miss, but the packaging isn’t a significant concern for us. The nozzle makes it easy to get the right amount of product out. The product's texture is very lightweight even compared to other serums and gets absorbed very quickly.

I used it for three weeks, and I found it to be nothing extraordinary. I didn’t experience any redness or irritation. One of the major advantages of this skincare by Hyram product is that it’s not very drying for a retinol product. If you’re a first-time retinol user and want to test or build your tolerance for the ingredient, this Hyram skincare retinol, and algae serum will be a fantastic choice. On the downside, the retinol concentration is very low concerning the steep price. Honestly, I didn't see any major change, but this could also be because I was already using a much higher concentration of retinol prior to trying the Retinol and Algae Repair Serum. Hyram also claims that a certain percentage of every purchase will be donated for social causes. 


·       Pretty packaging

·       Gentle and non-drying

·       Very lightweight


·       Expensive

·       Very low concentration of retinol

Final Verdict

In all, I wouldn't recommend this serum, but it's totally up to you. If you're a huge follower of the influencer and want to try skincare by Hyram products, there's no harm in trying this serum. On the brand's website, it also claimed that 10% of the total purchases for the year 2021 would be donated to charitable causes; if that’s something that speaks to you, you can certainly try out this Hyram skincare product. However, from a purely objective point of view, the price point is a major pain point for me.  If you’re looking for an effective retinol serum and aren't particularly invested in Hyram skincare, there are tons better and cheaper than the Selfless By Hyram Retinol and Algae Repair Serum. 

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